Renee and Glenn’s Trip to Columbus in the 2023 Nissan ARIYA

April 18th, 2023 by

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and Renee and I were heading out on our first long trip in a Nissan ARIYA, let alone in an electric vehicle. We started out our trip with 98% charge on the Nissan ARIYA. This is about a 212 mile range, with 216 miles on a full charge. The Nissan ARIYA’s ride was so smooth you felt as if the EV was floating on air. It also had great acceleration, which was surprising for an EV, yet satisfying on the highway.

When we reached Columbus at about 2:30 PM the charge was about 60 miles left. We decided to stop at Forno Kitchen + Bar for dinner, we just had to find a parking garage. To our surprise the parking garage had electric stations available. Most EV chargers are interchangeable and can fit different makes and models. We hooked up the ARIYA to the EV charging station and went to have dinner. After that delicious dinner, we decided to finish it off with some delicious ice cream from Graeter’s Ice Cream.

When we came back to our ARIYA, we found out to our dismay that it only charged to 20%. We were shocked and did not know how far we could get on that charge, so we drove to a Giant Eagle Market District, which had a fast-charging station, but when we arrived, it was broke.

Our next stop was at Sheetz, when we arrived, we found their charging station to be easy to use. We plugged in the ARIYA and went into Sheetz. Renee downloaded an app to track the charge called “Charge Point”. This helped track our charging process and let us know when the ARIYA was sufficiently charged. This time we were able to get the charge up to 37% which got us roughly around 130 miles of charge for the drive home to New Philadelphia.

To sum it all up the Nissan ARIYA, with a smooth ride with great acceleration! All in all, the trip was a blast. We had a fun time and we enjoyed driving the Nissan ARIYA. We definitely will be making more trips soon and we encourage others who are looking for an Electric Vehicle to check out the Nissan ARIYA!

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More info on the 2023 Nissan ARIYA

The 2023 Nissan ARIYA is an all-electric crossover SUV that was unveiled in January 2021. It is the first all-electric vehicle from Nissan, and it is based on the company’s Alliance 2022 platform. The ARIYA is available in two battery configurations, a 66-kWh battery and a 91-kWh battery, which has a range of up to 300 miles. It also comes standard with a variety of driver-assistance features, including ProPilot 2.0, which allows for hands-free driving on highways.

The ARIYA has a sleek and futuristic design, with a blacked-out grille and LED headlights. It also has a large panoramic sunroof and a hands-free power liftgate. The interior is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers. The ARIYA also has a large touchscreen infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster.

The ARIYA is a well-rounded electric SUV that offers a variety of features and benefits. It has a long range, comfortable interior, and a variety of driver-assistance features. It is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-electric vehicle.

Here are some of its key features:

  • All-electric powertrain
  • Up to 216 to 304 miles of range pending on the trim
  • ProPilot 2.0 driver assistance
  • Sleek and futuristic design
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Large touchscreen infotainment system
  • Digital instrument cluster

The ARIYA is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-electric vehicle. It offers a long range, comfortable interior, and a variety of driver-assistance features. It is also a stylish and futuristic vehicle that is sure to turn heads.