NMAC SignatureFLEX

NMAC SignatureFLEX


Focus on the drive not your miles!

Introducing NMAC SignatureFLEX SM an exciting new program that offers customers, flexibility and peace of mind when leasing their new Nissan Rogue, Rogue Sport or Pathfinder.

In partnership with Nissan Connected Car Services, NMAC is able to use Connected Car data to alert customers when their lease vehicle is approaching its mileage limit. NMAC SignatureFLEX customers can then purchase additional miles during their lease term. Customers will be able to track and purchase mileage on the NMAC customer portal (www.nissanfinance.com) and the NMAC mobile app. Opted-in customers will also receive quarterly mileage statements with forecasted usage and purchase options, as well as emails letting them know if they are approaching their over-mileage limit.

  • Eligible Models: Rogue, Rogue Sport & Pathfinder. Vehicles must meet NMAC SignatureLEASE eligibility criteria.
  • Eligible Term: 36 Months
  • Mileage: NMAC SignatureFLEX is currently only available with an Ultra-Low Mileage lease (5,000 miles). Additional miles may NOT be purchased at lease inception. Customers will be able to purchase additional mileage at 10 cents per mile through the customer portal or mobile app.
  • Residual Value Adjustment for Ultra-Low Mileage 5K Lease: Add 5% to the standard mileage residual percentage. (Standard mileage = 15,000 miles per year. Please see current NMAC Lease bulletin for the standard mileage residual value percentages. This adjustment is for 5,000-mile leases only.
  • Additional Funding Requirements: Acknowledgment of Lease Mileage Limit form must be signed by the Lessee/Co-Lessee. A signed copy must be submitted with the funding package.

The NMAC SignatureFLEX program with an Ultra-Low Mileage Lease is designed for FLEXiblity. This program gives low-mileage customers the opportunity to buy miles while still driving ultra-low mileage. Drivers with higher mileage needs have other great options with our 10K, 12K and 15K leases.
The FLEX program is not available for SignatureONE Pay leases. See current NMAC Signature Plan Parameters for additional SignatureLEASE program rules. Please encourage your SignatureFLEX customers to turn on data sharing so we will receive their Connected Car updates.* If you have questions about this program, please contact us.

*If a customer chooses not to turn on data sharing or is unable to (due to technical constraints), the customer is still able to purchase miles.